Installation Ask the Oracle

Sep 17 2021 to Apr 17 2022

Antichambre, the anteroom of Design Duo Jutta Wacht and René Poell, aka Say Say Say, Inc., acts as Space for Poetical Matters with temporary installations that come forward from between pop-culture, philosophy, sensuality, aesthetics, and technology.

OPEN DAILY: 10 am – 10 pm,
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Senden Fehler

What is the state of things today? What would it be like to understand the world with all its hidden and open engines?

Are we moving towards an expansion of consciousness? Those who know how to observe themselves, who know to keep their impressions in their memory, and who have understood the importance of creating a receptor for the supernatural, occasionally are able to enjoy good seasons, happy days, delicious minutes in the observatory of their thoughts.

I’ve lost my key, where the f… is it? Music, one of the original sources of order.

Will there soon be a much better sense of equality between all genders and people? The answer lies in the immeasurable depth of thought.

Should I give up my profession for my vocation? What is my vocation? A standstill that slowly starts to move.

Will the increased awareness for environmental issues fundamentally change the state of the earth? There are moments in life when time and space deepen and the sensation of existence has grown immeasurably.

What is gravitation? Release the Kraken. May the force be with you!

Should I learn how to surf? What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.

How could we end suffering on this planet? The power of human empathy leading to collective action, saves lives.

Could I get Sunday's lotto numbers please? Computer says NO. But the truth is out there.

Will I ever never have to do the dishes again? What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.

I don't know what to ask. Try ethereal enthusiasm.