Space For Poetical Matters
Museumsquartier Wien

Current installations:

Séance de Travail_1:
condition of nowness
(March 9—June 5 2024)

Séance de Travail_2:
condensation of sensations
(June 5—August 26 2024)

This year’s program at Antichambre is called SÉANCE DE TRAVAIL, a spatial work-in-progress of the publication PERIODIKUM that aims to create a space for experimentation and exchange and explores the concept of publishing in relation to other languages and forms of expression.

The second edition of the ‘Séance de Travail’ shows the expansion of thought and a condensation of sensations that reflect on the human condition in the form of symbolic objects.

Antichambre is the anteroom of Design Duo Jutta Wacht and René Poell, aka Say Say Say, Inc., that acts as Space for Poetical Matters with temporary installations that come forward from between pop-culture, philosophy, sensuality, aesthetics, and technology.