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Les Reines Prochainesfrom Switzerland

Les Reines Prochaines from Switzerland

It was all about political statements, rebellion against
the bourgeois society and, last but not least, about feminist aesthetics and action. All of the founders are visual artists
and created music by chopping vegetables for a soup, singing
and putting together some synthesizer sounds.

I came across Les Reines Prochaines while working for the Swiss/French Designer Ruedi Baur in Paris and at the weekends
I would wander around the beautiful but weird Père Lachaise listening to this song all the time. It's a hilarious persiflage but at the same time quite serious. And of course
I adored Helena Christensen during the supermodel era of the 90s in the music video of the original song by Chris Isaak...

Les Reines Prochaines, Opfer dieses Liedes, 1993